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Guerrilla Panic

Guerrilla Panic

Friday, March 15th, 2019

Formed in early 2016, from the remaining members of the band Burning Tree, Guerrilla Panic features the vocals of Matty Cole (Set-N-Stoned and Unmotivated) surrounded by the incredible musical talents of Mike Fratone, Frank Meza, and Mark Georgieff. Setting out to continue in the habit of making great music, as they had done for years as Burning Tree, Mike, Frank, and Mark approached Matty to be a part of a new project. That project has exploded with awesomeness and shall henceforth be known as GUERRILLA PANIC!!!!! All four of the musicians being of likemindedness have made it a goal to create unique and engaging original music while still putting a twist on some old favorites. Their only real motivation is to entertain and create an atmosphere at each and every show that is no doubt always a bitchin’ party.

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