Reggae Rise Up Florida
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Portable Chargers


  • In addition to limited outlets, portable chargers will be available through our sponsor partner, Electric Standard. Attendees can now charge on the go! To learn more about unlimited exchanges and pre-orders, visit https://www.electricstandard.co/reggaeriseup2019

  • Yes, portable chargers are iPhone, Android, and USB Type-C compatible. If you have a newer Android or Google phone, let the Electric Standard team know while you are picking up your battery, so they can provide you with an adapter. No additional fee will be applied.

  • Yes! Once you pre-order a Cassette battery online, or purchase a battery at Reggae Rise Up, you can swap your dead unit for a freshly charged one as many times as you need! Hold onto your charger and continue to swap out at any of the events Electric Standard participates in, which can be found by visiting: Electricstandard.co/events

    *Cassette only- The Electric Standard Premium Battery not included in swap out deal.


  • Reserve your battery ahead of time to pick-up at the Electric Standard vendor booths, and receive an online discount of $5.  No shipping charge will be applied, since all orders will be picked up on-site. And skip the lines when picking up your battery!

  • Pre-order directly on the Electric Standard website, https://www.electricstandard.co/reggaeriseup2019

  • Simply return to the Electric Standard vendor booths, report the issue, and swap out for a new battery, no hassle. If you have trouble after you leave the festival grounds, or after you have already taken the battery home, contact  service@electricstandard.co , or send a DM to @electricstandard on Instagram.

  • Nope! The Cassette battery comes with a built in cord to plug directly into your phone.

  • Yes, the battery comes fully charged upon purchase, with about 1.5-2 charging cycles, depending on phone usage. The battery can be re-charged hundreds of times.

  • Yes! It can be recharged via wall charger or a laptop, with a standard micro USB cord (available upon request).

  • If you have one iPhone and one Android, the Cassette battery can charge both at the same time. You can charge a second phone of the same type using the additional USB port, but must supply your own cable.

  • We believe that TIME = POWER. Don’t spend your time and energy worrying about a low battery or a possibly dead phone. We know how important it is to stay connected, and safe!