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Reggae Rise Up Florida
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Wristband Info

Important Wristband Info.

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If you previously received a 2020 wristband in the mail, it is NOT valid.

Only 2021 wristbands will grant access to Reggae Rise Up Florida Festival 2021

All Shipped Orders have been sent to the address on file. Will Call Orders must be picked up at the Festival Box Office.

Wristband Support

If you have any official wristband issues, don’t stress, our Festival Box Office staff will be ready to help.

If you purchased a shipped ticket type and have not received your wristbands, or need replacement wristbands, just head to the Festival Box Office.

If you purchased a WILL CALL ticket type, wristbands must be picked up at the Festival Box Office.

All wristbands are associated with the name of the original order purchaser. Only the person whose name is on the order may receive direct support for wristbands. 

Our team can only offer support to the order holder for ticket orders purchased through official ticketing partners (Tixr & Eventbrite).

If you are picking up wristbands at the box office, please remember your order Confirmation Email and a Valid Government Issue ID.

Box Office Hours & Locations

10/21 Wednesday 12PM – 7PM

10/21 Thursday 11AM – 10PM

10/22 Friday 11AM – 10PM 

10/23 Saturday 11AM -­ 10PM 

10/24 Sunday 11AM – 10PM

Main Box Office is located on the SW side of the park, closer to Downtown St. Petersburg on 5th Avenue.

VIP Box Office is located on the NW side of the park at the intersection of 7th Avenue and the parking lot.

Wristband 101

Don’t put it on until you’re on your way to the festival.

Wristbands can’t be removed or loosened once you put them on.

Only wristbands purchased through Eventbrite, Tixr, or Authorized Retailers are valid.

Wristbands are Non-Transferable and Non-Exchangeable